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Alana B
Your Customer Service Representative

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When I was interviewing for the job as a customer representative for EconoMagnet, I was asked to list 4 ways a magnet could save someone money. I didn’t have a clue, but my answer was simple: my job is to represent the customers, not the magnets. I got the job. Anyone can learn about magnet, but unless you are the ideal customer, you won’t understand what the customers really need or how to help them. That is why I was hired. I live on a farm where I learned to love and cherish the environment and others around me. I have all the problems for which the products on this website were invented to solve. So when I saw an opening at EconoMagnet for a customer representative, I jumped at the opportunity because I knew I am the perfect person for the job, and I am very happy to work with you and to explain how we can help you too. So a bit more about me and how I relate to this website. I drive a 2000 Acura TL that has such bad gas mileage I could be driving a F550 super-duty pick-up truck for the same price. Not to mention that I have to keep taking it for maintenance so it would pass the emissions tests. I hate to think how much pollution it causes, but until I can afford another car, I’m stuck with it. And as I said, I live on a farm with my parents. Do you know how much it costs to heat our place in the winter? A LOT. And another problem, and by far the worst, with a rural farm is hard water. My hair gets a rusty tinge to it because of the hard water my shower runs. My dishwasher makes my dishes impossible to appear clean because of the hard water spots. Everyday tasks such as cleaning my home or washing my hands are difficult because the hard water doesn’t lather as much as needed. And my father says the scale build up in the water heater is costing us waaay more than it should. Can anyone recommend a solution? So yes, if anyone understands the customers of this website it is me, Alana. I am available for all your questions and concerns. If you wish you contact me through email, phone or Facebook message please don’t hesitate to do so. That’s what I’m here for … and it’s good for my career to appear busy all the time. But seriously this is a great job for me. I get to chat on Facebook and Twitter all day. Who would say no to a job like that? Hope to talk to you soon!

Alana B